Crow uncorked

A unique wine tasting bar uncorked

Like many creations from Crow Farm, the wine tasting bar at the Crow Wine Cellars Queenstown Outlets store is completely handcrafted. The twenty five foot counter top holds panels of the many corks from crow wines sold, carefully placed by hand in a symmetric pattern. Crow’s marketing manager, Samantha Smiertka, painstakingly placed each cork by hand in the square frames built by Roy Crow. Each night at the end of a long work day she would increment more cork placements until the counter panels were complete.

Next Roy Crow constructed the stand up bar and laid the cork panels in the store so they were ready for the application of a clear finish that would create a bar commemorative of the Crow’s status as one of Maryland’s premiere wineries and a farm that has successfully diversified to vineyard, quality wine making and a great visitor experience. With the Crow Wine Cellar store the Crow’s continue their journey.